Thank you for your interest in the about me page and BAR-SKILLS. Here is what I’m all about.

Hi! I am Oleks Iurchenko -Professional Bartender, Bar Manager, Sommelier and creator of the Bar-Skills.

 I was lucking enough to stumble my way into bartending in my final year of uni about 18 years ago. Back then, I wasn’t sure what I was doing with my career. And after 5 and a half years of studying physical and chemical processes in metallurgy and getting a Master’s degree in engineering, I have decided to make a 180° turn in my life. At that time, it was no education websites (read Bar-Skills) and most bar-related info we obtained from each other or from the books. Since then, I have collected a decent library and digital materials covered whole types of beverage and service in general. Moreover, I would love to share my knowledge and skills to make a better version of you as a Bartender.


We make our guests care about what they drink. Oleks Iurchenko


I started my journey back in Kyiv, Ukraine. I grew up from bartending at the small cafe-bistro to the Sommelier with one of the biggest wine lists in Eastern Europe. In addition, a huge impact on my career and personal development I riched working on cruise lines for 5 years. For instance, it gave me the opportunity to work together and learn from different bartending schools and styles.

Nowadays, based in Ontario, I work with brands across Canada, U.S. and around the world. In recent years, I’ve dipped into wine, completed WSET level 3 wine and spirit, continuously attending wine and spirits seminars and masterclasses.    

And now …..2020, during this different time (I don’t want to call it difficult) I decided to move online and create an education platform for newbies and experts, where everybody would find something interesting, share new and modern ideas and skills, teach and been educated, help others live their own bartending dream – whatever that may be.

Everything useful that I’ve learned about bartending, and the hospitality industry, you’ll find within the pages of this website.