One of the most common questions among Bartenders all around the World is what the difference between is a Coffee Late and a Cappuccino. Today, I will express my opinion on this topic, and with this info, you might satisfy your guests even better. Enjoy your reading.

Latte and Cappuccino are completely different drinks, but many people confuse them. In fact, at first glance, they are similar: in both cases, coffee is mixed with milk and both are espresso-based drinks.  However, the proportions of coffee and milk in Cappuccino and Latte are completely different, and this is not the only difference between drinks.

Cappuccino and Latte are kinds of coffee and both are espresso-based cocktails.

If we talk about the classic recipe, the composition of Cappuccino is equal parts of espresso, milk and milk foam. Lattes have two parts of milk for one part of espresso and one part of milk foam. That is, the concentration of coffee in a Latte is lower than that of a Cappuccino.


So, Cappuccino is served in relatively small cups, the capacity of which does not exceed 180 ml. The shape of the cup should be such that it expands to the top — in this case, the foam layer has an optimal thickness. Latte, like many other coffee cocktails, is poured into a tall glass. The capacity of the glass is 240-360 ml.

Another difference between Cappuccino and Latte is the foam.

The major requirement is uniformity: milk foam should not contain air bubbles. At the same time, the Cappuccino foam is denser and thicker, while the Latte has a light foam. Moreover, Cappuccino foam should not settle under the weight of a teaspoon of granulated sugar. If the sugar poured on the foam remains at the top, then the foam has been properly whipped. You have a real Cappuccino in front of you.

Finally, the main differences between Cappuccino and Latte are the taste, aroma and strength of the drinks.

Firstly, Cappuccino is stronger, the taste and aroma of espresso are strongly expressed and only slightly smoothed by milk and milk foam. Secondly, Latte is a milder drink. It is not so strong, and the coffee aroma and taste are much weaker.

In conclusion, I would like to say that both Cappuccino and Coffee Late are great drinks. Yes, they are different in terms of test, method of preparation and serving. But what is more important to use good quality espresso, coffee machine and personal touch of Bartender/Barista to succeed any customers expectation.

Enjoy them both.

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